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A 'watered down' version of paintball: All the fun, without the bruises! 

Suitable for most ages as there are no legal firearms restrictions for our gel blasters: we can accommodate players from age 7 to 77. This is a guide only (our youngest player to date was 5!).

Parent / guardian consent form and waiver must be signed
prior to play.



  • $50 per player

  • Structured games

  • Duration: 45 minutes

  • Safety eyewear provided

  • Approx. 3000 gel balls

  • Suitable for large groups (10+)



  • $35 per player

  • No referee / self-guided

  • For groups less than 10 only

  • A parent / guardian must supervise the players

  • Safety eyewear provided

  • Approx. 3000 gel balls

  • Suitable for smaller groups or spontaneous walk-ins

Gelball FAQs

Please let us know if your child has a heightened sensitivity to pain or a health condition that may affect their enjoyment of this activity. We will do our very best to meet their needs with discretion and kindness to make sure their time with us is nothing short of amazing!

What should I wear?

Closed toe shoes, sturdy boots or sport shoes are recommended as you will be running on
uneven bush surfaces. We recommend long sleeves and pants to provide maximum skin protection. We love dress-ups and costumes are always welcome!


Can I just turn up?
Yes, of course, we love spontaneity when it works! Bookings are preferable, however, to avoid


Will I get hurt?
Gelballs are a soft “watered down” version of paintballs. A direct shot to bare skin will sting and
leave a small red mark, particularly at close range. A 2-metre rule is in place for your protection.
Safety glasses are provided and must be worn at all times during play. Watch your footing on the
course! Take care when jumping into bunkers, to avoid injury.


Can I play in bad weather?
Yes! We operate in rain, hail or shine (…within reason!). The only weather conditions that may force
a cancellation or interrupt a session is if lightning is forecast or present during play or in the event of
torrential rain.


What is the minimum age to participate?
There are no firearms restrictions in place regarding minimum age for use of gel blasters and
participation in gel blaster games. We generally recommend kids aged 7+. We ask that a parent or guardian accompanies children under 7 during play. 


What are Gelballs?
Gelballs are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and made up of 95% water and 5% polymer. Tiny dry
beads (pin head size) soaked in water for several hours, swell to 8mm jelly-like balls that splatter on
impact. Available in a range of colours and do not stain clothing.

Must be completed before the player can participate in a session

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